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Org chart web part

 KWizCom Org. Chart ‭[1]‬

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  • Todd Smith
    • Jeff Leeson
    • Mike Jones
      • Dan Rog
      • Sam Sung


 KWizCom Org. Chart ‭[2]‬

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  • Dom Pare
    • Adrian Sawyer
    • Aisha Tyler
    • Alan Shane Lewis
    • Ali Hassan
    • Azfar Ali
    • Cedric Newman
    • Danny Chan
    • Dena Jackson
    • DJ Demers
    • Ernie Vicente
    • Evan Desmeris
    • Foad Hassan-Poor
    • Franco Nguyen
    • Frank Spadone
    • Jeff Estrela
    • Jen Sakato
    • Joe Vu
    • Joey Guila
    • John Ki
    • K Trevor Wilson
    • Kenichi Tatara
    • Leny Corado
    • Leonard Chan
    • Marito Lopez
    • Nathan Macintosh
    • Neil Bansil
    • Paul Kim
    • Ricardo Mejias
    • Ron Josol
    • Ryan Dillon
    • Xulf Ali
to run this demo:
User: sb2013\testreader1
Password: pass@word1
Check-out the Org. Chart web part:
In this example the Org. Chart web part is connected to the "Company OBS" list, and displays company hierarchy.
Hover over any contact to see more details about that employee.

You can also switch to the Tree and the Grid views by clicking the toggle buttons at the top-left side of the web part.
Easily find employees by using the Quick Search box at the top of the web part.
All displayed information is fully configurable (displayed fields, data displayed and look & feel).
For more details visit the Org. Chart web part product page.
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Contact us at