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Chart for SharePoint


Example #1: Chart connected to a SharePoint list

  • Display 2 data series

  • Allow end-user to change the chart types, export the chart to various formats and print the chart

  • Joint tooltip for the 2 series​

Sales ($):  Profit ($):  

Example #2: Chart connected to an Excel spreadsheet

  • Display 2 data series

  • Grid theme

  • Allow end-user to  export the chart to various formats and print the chart

  • Separate​ tooltip per-series​

Sales:  Profit:  
Example #3: Chart aggregated data from multiple site
  • Aggregate tasks from multiple project sites
  • Group the tasks by their status and display in a pie chart
  • End-user can filter the chart by various properties (configurable)


​Sign-in to run this demo:
User: sb2013\testreader1
Password: pass@word1


Check-out Charts for SharePoint:​

For more details visit the Charts for SharePoint product page​.


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