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File Upload Field Type


The following list is a Sales Leads list with 3 file upload fields:

-Try challenging this field type by uploading different file types from those specified

-Try uploading a file that exceeds the file size limit

-Try saving a new item without an SOW doc


testclient1New lead2/12/2014OutSystems Value Proposition v6 - Summary.pdfDnetCost.xlsxDnetSOW.docx
New lead8/18/2014famoso_1000_RF_Transmitter_xx.pdf
Quote approved10/15/2014Document1111.pdf
New lead10/15/2014tags.docx
Quote Rejected6/18/2015Chrysanthemum.pdf
New lead11/13/2017Background.pdf
testclient1Quote sent to customer1/10/2018Temaplate Formated.docx
to run this demo:
User: sb2013\testclient1
Password: pass@word1


Check-out the File Upload field type:

This useful field type allows you to create mandatory file attachments, control uploaded file types and file size limit.
Fill a sales lead and try it out yourself! 
For more details visit the File Upload File Type Product Page
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